40$ Wall Avoiding Robot

This is A Wall Avoiding Robot that avoids colliding with objects during its movement. This Robot is based on PIC micro-controller from microchip. the reasons behind using PIC micro-controller is that, the PIC Micro-controller is fast, cheap, and easy to use.

You need the following components to build this robot:

– IR (Transmitter and Receiver).


– Motor Driver

– 555 IC

– 1×16 LCD

– Rechargeable Batteries.

The circuit diagram of the Robot is shown in Figure 2. As can be noticed, the Robot has two 12v D.C motor, one on the left side and the other on the right side. IR receiver is used to receive the IR signal transmitted from the IR transmitter circuit. The received signal is asserted to micro-controller to direct the Robot to the right direction.

   Note: please read the related topic to have an idea about the IR objects detection and controlling the D.C motors by using PWM technique.


Fig.(2): Robot Circuit Diagram


Fig.(3): IR Transmitter Circuit Diagram